अपने बच्चों को स्कूल भेजने के लिए पिता ने दो साल में काट दिया पहाड़, बना दी सड़क

Odisha man carves mountains to send kids to school

The mountain man who carved up an entire mountain in Bihar for 22 straight years so that people could reach the doctor in time. While Dashrath made a road of 360 feet, in what looks like a replication of this story, Jalandhar Nayak carved up a mountain in Odisha and a built a road stretching up to eight kilometres.

Nayak worked for eight hours every single day for two years in an attempt to connect his village Gumsahi to a main road in the nearby town Phulbani. Nayak is 45 years old and what compelled him towards the carving up was seeing his three sons struggle through the hills to cross them so that they could reach school.

Nayak’s work but it had been out of the light only until the district collector invited him over to her office and appreciated him for his work. With the road construction already on track thanks to Nayak, the collector had instructed the Block Development Officer (BDO) of Phulbani to finish everything up by gathering labourers and the necessary resources. The collector even offered to provide Nayak with the necessary financial support.

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