Parents Guide to Online Learning for Kids during Lockdown

COVID-19 threat has made online learning takeover the conventional school learning. As schools across the nation are now operating in the online mode, kids are getting more exposure to digital space.

Online learning for kids is the safest way of continuing with studies right now; this format, however, is certainly a new experience for them. Kids of pre-primary and primary know the classroom study routine only. They will need complete guidance from both teachers and parents alike to adapt to this format.

While teachers are at the helm of managing online studies completely, right from creating video lessons, home assignments, and activities; parents too share the responsibility equally. In order for these classes to work effectively, it’s highly imperative that parental guidance is provided the right way.

Most parents are adapting to the new set-up but there are a few things to take care of so that kids don’t get over-exposure of the digital world and the focus on studies stays intact.

Here are some tips to follow that will help online learning for kids more engaging and less stressful:

1. Limit Digital Time: There should be a pre-decided time allotted to kids. Spending too much time in front of computer/laptop screens or even mobile phones can be damaging to health. Plan the study time in a way that kids are not sitting at a stretch. This will be less straining for their eyes and will even keep them focused.

2. Create a Study Space: Everything needs a proper set-up. So, for studies too, kids need to have access to a proper space. Create a study space that has proper lighting, ventilation, and complete neatness. This helps kids to concentrate and develop an interest in studying.

3. Follow a Proper Routine: Even if kids are studying from home right now, the importance of a schedule can’t be denied. Plan a routine for your child so that everything is done timely with scheduled breaks and playtime. This will keep kids more active, happy, and energetic throughout the day.

4. Guide Kids, It’s No Vacation: Young kids may not understand the gravity of the situation; it’s your responsibility to make them understand that this is definitely no vacation. Studying from home should be taken seriously and with complete dedication. Don’t allow them to take it lightly or ignore the instructions. Your guidance will help them follow this study format religiously.

5. Give Scheduled Breaks: Like in school, let kids enjoy some break time while studying online. But ensure that you give them the break at the proper schedule so that studies don’t get affected. Plan their meals, playtime, and rest during these breaks.

6. Include Relaxing Activities: Along with studies, kids also need fun activities to relax their minds. Now that they can’t go out to play with friends, involve them in activities that are engaging. This could include gardening, paper-craft, and board games or puzzle solvers. If you want you can even let them watch some TV but make sure they watch knowledgeable content.

7. Mix it with Old School Learning: Keep your kids connected to old school learning by including activities like book reading, storytelling, cursive writing, and creative writing. These activities will provide kids a much-needed break from online learning and limit their screen time too.

Online learning for kids comes with both pros and cons; however, with the right intervention and monitoring from your end, the cons can be handled effectively and kids are provided with a safe learning mode.