Let’s Listen the Voice of INDIA’s Youth

Anshul Tewari


Anshul is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of (YKA), India’s largest online platform empowering young people to express themselves on issues of importance. He has worked across new media and online journalism and is a first generation entrepreneur. Anshul is an Ashoka Fellow; he has also served as a Director on the Board of Collectively, a World Economic Forum and Unilever collaborative non-profit, to help make the future better.Having started in 2008, he gained extensive experience in citizen media, new media, social media and how to mobilise and engage young people in participatory and collaborative journalism to create a larger impact on a mass has now become India’s number 1 youth portal with millions of readers every month, over 50000 contributors from across the world, and more than 2 million readers a month.

Youth Ki Awaaz is a top rated Indian Youth blog, platform, Startup which was envisioned and started by Anshul Tewari.
Before the era of social media took charge, Anshul Tewari was already thinking ahead of his times as an entrepreneur. As a young person, he saw that all media came ‘top down’, and citizens like him had no voice. To address this problem, he envisioned Youth Ki Awaaz.
Remarkably, even as times have changed, his platform continues to stay relevant and resonate with young people in India. In one instance, Anshul talks about how his platform helped in the rescue of 16,000 people from Libya at the time of crisis.

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