PM Modi’s Women’s Day Gesture: Lets Women Share Their Inspiring Stories through His Social Accounts

This International Women’s Day, which was celebrated around the world on March 8, 2020; the Prime Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi did a very sweet and special thing for all the inspiring women out there.

He gave his social media accounts to 7 women, who used this powerful platform to share their motivating stories to the world.

Shri Narendra Modi even shared their achievement videos on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page.

Let us have a look at these 7 powerful women who got to showcase their life story on such a prestigious platform:

Malvika Iyer – Born in Tamil Nadu, Malvika was raised in the city of Bikaner. At the mere age of 13, she lost her hands to a bomb blast. But she never let the accident stop her from living her life. Malvika today is a social worker, disability rights activist, international motivational speaker, and a National Awardee. She is even a model for accessible fashion. She shared that one must make education the real strength and never accept defeat.

Vijaya Pawar – She used the platform in making everyone get familiar with the Banjara handicrafts. Vijaya has been making Banjara handicrafts for the last 20 years and is giving her best to popularize this ancient artwork. So far she has trained 682 women and has helped 450 women get a job through this handicraft.

Sneha Mohandas – She started the Foodbank India in Chennai in 2015. She has been working to provide food for hungry and poor people. Her organization encourages people to cook extra food and give it to poor people. Today Foodbank India has over 18 centers in India and there is one running in South Africa too. Sneha wants to make India a hunger-free nation.

Kalavati Devi – She has been working tirelessly to educate people on the importance of toilets and hygiene. She has contributed greatly to making Kanpur city open defecation free. She begs money and uses the money so collected for making toilets. So far she has made 4,000 toilets and she is still working with the same zeal to achieve her goal.

Veena Devi – Hailing from the Munger district in Bihar, Veena Devi is known for her unique mushroom farming. As she didn’t have enough space, she bought mushroom seeds and started mushroom farming in the bed only. She has trained people from more than 20 villages on mushroom farming and has also been a sarpanch.

Kalpana Ramesh – A water warrior,  Kalpana has been advocating about the importance of rainwater harvesting. She is an architect by professions and has designed houses where rooftops are designed to store rainwater in the storage tankers. She has been aiding homeowners, apartment complexes as well as offices to harness rainwater.

Arifa Jaan – An artisan from Kashmir, Arifa has been working extensively to breathe new life into the Namda craft. She along with other women artisans from Kashmir started working on Kashmir’s traditional Pashmina shawl, carpets, and rugs.

These powerful women have proved that women can achieve anything if they truly desire to do something; for where there is a will, there is always a way!

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