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Post Graduate Diploma Courses:Indian Institute of Mass Communication

Post Graduate Diploma Courses

Since its inception, the Institute has carved out a special niche for itself in the area of media and communication education, through its continuous, relentless efforts aimed at improving the content and delivery mechanisms of its training. Today IIMC enjoys place of pride among the galaxy of institutions engaged in imparting teaching in the field. It offers various Post-graduate Diploma Courses in Journalism – (Hindi, English, Odia, Urdu, Marathi and Malayalam), Advertising & Public Relations and Radio & TV Journalism. The courses organized by the Institute represent a meaningful blend of classroom teaching, duly supplemented by practical orientation through field visits, etc. This is intended to equip students with the basic skills needed for success in their careers and to provide them an opportunity to relate the teaching they receive to the ground realities of the environment in which the industry functions. The curricula of the courses are continually reviewed and revised for incorporating emerging trends and technologies in the rapidly developing field of media and communication, for maintaining the relevance of the courses even in changed circumstances. While designing the courses, the diverse requirements of industry are also kept in view, so as to make the students aware of field realities. The courses also aim to imbibe a sense of responsibility among the students so that they are in a position to discharge their respective roles effectively in a multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-ethnic society.

The Institute also enables its students to secure gainful employment in Newspapers, TV Channels and Media Houses, as well as Advertising and Public Relations Agencies after completing their courses, through Campus Placements and otherwise.

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