Postgraduate Diploma in Book Publishing Studies from University of Calcutta

Postgraduate Diploma in Book Publishing Studies from University of Calcutta

Course: Postgraduate Diploma in Book Publishing Studies

Institute / University: University of Calcutta

About University

The Court of Directors of the East India Company sent a despatch in July, 1854 to the Governor-General of India in Council, suggesting the establishment of the Universities of Calcutta, Madras and Bombay.The University of Calcutta had an enormous territorial jurisdiction during a considerable period of its existence. This jurisdiction practically continued till the Indian Universities Act of 1904 came into operation, wherein provision was made for the first time for defining the territorial limits of the five universities then existing in India (including Burma and Ceylon), viz. the Universities of Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, the Punjab and Allahabad. In fact, there was no territorial limit fixed for the University of Calcutta in the Act of Incorporation in 1857, and when in 1882 the Punjab University and in 1887 the University of Allahabad came into existence, no provision was made in the Acts for these Universities, curtailing the jurisdiction of the University of Calcutta.

The University adopted in the first instance, the pattern of the University of London and gradually introduced modifications in its constitution.


P. G. Diploma in Book Publishing Studies

The University of Calcutta offers the Postgraduate Diploma in Book Publishing Studies (PGDBPS) at the Centre for Studies in Book Publishing(CSBP) in collaboration with the National Book Trust, India (Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India) and the Publishers & Booksellers Guild ,Kolkata, one of the premier forums with the country’s leading and well-known publishers. The course has already attracted attention of the publishing community across India and our graduates are doing well in the industry.

Book publishing is a respectable and financially rewarding career option for you. India’s nearly Rs.8 billion book publishing industry is growing by over 15 percent every year with a huge demand for skilled and well-trained professionals. The 16,000-odd publishers are responsible for nearly 85,000 titles released annually. India is the third largest producer of books in English language. As the book publishing industry grows steadily, the job opportunities are also increasing in leaps and bounds. The demand-supply gap in the job market is more than evident.

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