खुद के दर्द ने दूसरों की पीड़ा का अहसास कराया

Real Life Gorakhpur Hero Azad Pandey Smile Bank Founder

Smile Roti Bank Trust , the young Azad Pandey of Gorakhpur will find that whatever he is doing is doing for others only.And due to their dedication to society, once again they are going to be honored.

Let us know that a youth is selected every year by the International Youth Committee (IYC) for a remarkable work from every state. Azad Pandey has been selected from Uttar Pradesh for the innovative efforts of Antyodaya in the field of social work. Azad will be given this honor on February 20 in the Constitution Club Auditorium in New Delhi.

Let’s say that Azad Pandey has been actively running for more than last 5 years by running a project named Smile Roti Bank for the social upliftment of innocent and deprived children. He has also bicycled twice on the issue of child protection from Gorakhpur to Lucknow and on many occasions has been active in the fight against child drug abuse and child harassment. Azad has also been honored with several awards at the national and international level.

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