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Revofit App - Weight Loss & Home Fitness Coach

Revofit App

Revofit is the ultimate destination for your holistic health and fitness.
Our AI-driven platform packed with free workout & nutrition plans, virtual personal trainers, progress & nutrition tracking, wholesome recipes, and a curated wellness shop – you can’t have any excuses about not living right NOW.
Key Features
• Dynamic Video Workouts covering a wide range of exercises, progress tracking, and the Motivation & Guidance you need all built into one user-friendly platform!
• Nutrition & Workout Tracking on the go, with over 50,000 foods, workouts, and activities, our Metabolic Equivalent logic tracks your activity based on your input, body weight, and effort.
• Set Your Goal. Hit your Benchmarks. Keep track of your progress, the app will dynamically adapt to your fitness level. Staying focused has never been so easy.
• Walk+Run is your one-stop-shop for your morning walk or evening jog. Our platform can accurately track your sessions, maintain a history of all sessions, and our audio coach motivates you to keep going, all while playing your favorite tunes.

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