लोग कहते थे की महिला होकर कैसे चलाएंगी क्रिकेट बैट की फैक्ट्री

Rifat Masoodi: Meet Kashmir's only woman cricket bat maker


Rifat Masoodi, popularly known as ‘batwoman’, is the only woman manufacturer of cricket bats in the Valley.

Rifat has been running her bat manufacturing business for more than 18 years in the Narwara locality of Srinagar. She has set up manufacturing units in Awantipora, Anantnag, and Pampore. Rifat took over the business after her father-in-law’s death who had started the business in 1970. It was her will to restart the business despite her family being against it. Later, her husband, a football coach supported her.

It’s not an easy task to operate a bat manufacturing business for a sport that is widely celebrated and played in India. There are few sporting brand giants in the country like Punjab’s FC Sondhi BAS and Meerut’s SG. Despite their dominance, Hasina is far more satisfied with her small unit which produces 1,500 bats a year and has a loyal customer base.

Rifat uses the famous Kashmir Willow wood, a well-known material for its soft and lightweight properties. From getting the raw material from the source to maintaining the line of communication with her suppliers from other states, Rifat is the sole player in her business.


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