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प्लास्टिक फ्री मुहिम के लिए चेंजमेकर बनीं

school teacher Alka Damle lead the fight against plastic

It is not unusual to see garbage heaps near our homes, people throwing litter on the streets, and trees dying for lack of care. We just complain about the lack of civic sense in India and move on. But one lady in Goa actually took matters into her own hands to ensure that the community around her became better, safer and cleaner again.

Alka Damle, a 63-year-old ex-maths professor, who started a small initiative to improve her hometown of Vasco in Goa. Her initiative is now encouraging many others to follow the same path. When Alka’s husband, a Navy officer, retired from service, the family shifted to Goa. Alka, who had always been inclined towards social work and now had a lot of spare time on her hands, wrote an article for a local news publication. Alka gathered a few volunteers around her and took on the task of clearing garbage near a hospital, an issue of concern to a lot of people. Although the project did not require much time, she faced a lot of challenges in the form of government interference. But eventually, after six months, the job was complete.

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