दिव्यांगता मानसिक होती है, संकल्प से कुछ भी मुमकिन

Shekhar Chaurasia won the gold medal in the National Par-athletics

That ‘s rightly said, ‘Divyaangata is just a mental condition!’Because if you decide, no difficulty can prevent you from proceeding.On the one hand, many people often crave them by seeing the people of Divya in our society, while on the other hand, many Divya is making an identity of their own today by leaving this pity and compassion.24-year-old Bihar para-athlete Shekhar Chaurasia is also one of those people who have made their way in fighting each and every challenge.Shekhar, belonging to a small village guns in Dinara area in Rohtas district of the state, is from a very poor family.Shekhar, the eldest of six siblings, has faced difficult situations since childhood. The financial condition of his family has never been right. In the name of the property, he had just a broken house on the side of the road in the village and his father came running with the help of a small paan shop.“Everyone had great hopes for us because we were very good at studies and in sports. There were always good numbers in school. In the year 2010, we passed the 10th best marks and in this happiness, Mummy kept worshiping. But that day became the worst day for us, “Shekhar talking to The Better India said.Actually, Shekhar’s house is on the road side and many times the trucks loaded with goods pass through it. Even on that day, a truck overloaded from the straw stood on the side of the road. Shekhar was standing at some distance from the truck and was doing some work that suddenly the truck got flushed and Shekhar got into his grip.

Shekhar further said,After the accident that took place with him, Shekhar remained in bed for almost 4 years. In the meantime, his family did so by raising money for their treatment. In the village, he asked for a donation and went on borrowing many times. For a long time, Shekhar remained in the Government Hospital in Patna.For the treatment of Shekhar, his younger brother Sonu also left his studies at a very young age and started working. As the circumstances of the house remained, his whole family stood with him. His family neither defeated him nor let him defeat Shekhar.But Shekhar’s condition in the house was so bad that he had no other way than to work. They could not have been burdened with their families in any way. But the work started to worsen their condition and they had to return to their village. By returning home, they started teaching tuition to children in their neighborhood.In addition, in 2015, he also gave his XII class examination. After staying home for one or two years, he once again reached Patna in search of work. “We were sharing rooms here with many more. One of them told us about state-level sports competitions for the people in Pataliputra Sports Complex. We were very good at playing in our school, so we also reached there with my friend. “Shekhar saw a lot of players like himself and then participated in the race under the T35-38 category of Divyanango . In this state-level competition, he won gold medal in the 400 meters, 800 meters and 1, 200 meters race.

After this state-level competition, he was selected for the National Para-Athlet Championships in the year 2018. To prepare for this, he joined ‘Academy of Gymnastics, Patna’. By the way, the academy’s fee for Divyanams is Rs.1,000 per month, but Academy coach Sandeep Kumar ji decided to give him training without fees, considering the circumstances of Shekhar. Shekhar explains that if he still has any problems, his coach tries to help him in every possible way.Similarly, in the life of Shekhar, the disciplined commissioner of Bihar State, Dr. Shiv G. Kumar has also been an important contributor. Dr. Kumar is working for the upliftment of the Divya in the state. They always keep people aware about what are the government schemes and what are the opportunities for them for the Divas.With his family and some well wishers, Shekhar also won three gold medals in the 2018 championship. After that he never looked back, kept participating in the place-place tournaments and winning one medal after one.Along with athletics, Shekhar is also good at cricket. He played in the Cricket Tournament of Nagpur on behalf of Bihar Divising Cricket team and performed well. Apart from this, they have won gold medal in the state-level sports, representing the Rohtas district, in Jebelline and Shotput.

So far, he has been honored with several awards such as National Divyang Best Sports Award, Ajatshatru Award, North-State Ratna etc.Shekhar’s mother Kamvavash Chaurasia has also been awarded the ‘Rashmashata Jija Maa’ award, because in every situation, she became the basis of her son and encouraged her to move forward.Even after getting recognition at the national level, the struggle of Shekhar’s life has not ended. Even today, to handle the financial condition of his family, he works after his training in the academy. Also, they are doing their graduation too.Even in such a difficult circumstances of life, Shekhar has no feeling of disappointment in mind. Their goal is to run in the para-olympic someday. Apart from this, they want to give their family a better life. It is their dream to marry their three sisters and to see the brothers stand on their feet.Of course, this promising player is the inspiration for many people in the country. We hope that one day Shekhar Chaurasia will also win medal for the country at the international level.

(Test Source:TheBetterIndia)