Simple Tips to Reduce Coronavirus Risk

The whole world is currently battling the deadly Coronavirus outbreak, which has not only cost precious human lives but has made the world economy to stumble.

India too has been experiencing a rise in the numbers; however, the government is taking strong steps to safeguard human lives and prevent the spread of Coronavirus further.

Since no vaccine has been developed so far, people are majorly relying on following the safety guidelines issued by the government and healthcare experts.

Here are some simple yet effective safety tips to follow to reduce Coronavirus risk:

1. Wash hands frequently: First and foremost, you have to ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap, pretty often. Hands can be the ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses; hence it is very important that you keep them clean. In situations where you can’t reach out to the water, make sure you have a sanitizer handy. It would be great if you make it a consistent habit to wash hands often.

2. Maintain a distance of 1m from others: Though during this lockdown period nobody is stepping out of the houses except for people involved in providing essential services; it is imperative that if you do step out, you maintain a 1m distance between each other.

3. Don’t ignore flu-like symptoms: Cold, cough, sneeze, and many other flu-like symptoms are associated with Coronavirus. While it is not necessary for flu to be Coronavirus, you should steer clear from taking any chances. To reduce coronavirus risk, do see a doctor immediately if you or your loved one has been showing flu-like symptoms

4. Avoid handshakes & switch to ‘Namaste’: The virus is said to spread through physical contact with an infected person. You might not know who in your vicinity is carrying the virus. So switch to the Indian form of greeting, ‘Namaste’ and stay safe.

5. Avoid crowd or groups: In these times when the whole world is fighting an invisible enemy, it would be safe to not gather in groups or step in areas that are crowded. Also encourage others to not form groups or gather in a crowd whether at grocery stores, vegetable & fruits markets or even at religious places. The fewer the people, the better it is.

6. Don’t touch eyes, face or nose with unclean hands: You may not realize but you end up touching your eyes, face, and nose every now and then. Though this is often an unconscious action, doing so with unclean hands at the time of this pandemic could be risky. So get rid of this habit and always be conscious of your hand movements. It is an important way to reduce coronavirus risk.

7. Follow social distancing for a while: Last but something that you have been hearing from everywhere these days, follow social distancing. Till the time this virus isn’t defeated completely, the best thing you can do is say no to all get-togethers. There will soon be a time to rejoice and until then all you should do is wait patiently.

As this battle is being fought in every corner of the world, the best contribution you can provide is keeping yourself safe. Follow these safety tips, stay home & stick by the rules!