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Student develops app to help injured in road accidents

Student develops app to help injured in road accidents

16 years old Sovesh has developed a unique mobile application SHOZU Kota/New Delhi, Aug 22 (HS): Young techpreneur Sovesh Mohapatra has developed a useful mobile application which helps accident victims by pin pointing their accident site location to nearby hospitals, ambulances and police stations. Sovesh, a student of Classs XI (Science) in Seedling Modern High School, Jaipur has seen a road accident and felt that it is very difficult for any passer-by to call 101 for police, 102 for ambulance and search for nearby hospital for any help. If timely assistance is not provided, then it can be fatal for the victim. In such a critical/panic situation, if one click can send instant information to relevant authorities, it is possible to save the life of victim/s. With this thought in mind, Sovesh started working on this application. He developed this free SHOZU app in one month and completed its testing. After successful trial/testing, he has sent the proposal to use this free application among citizens of the country.

Proposals are sent to Secretaries of Road Transport and Safety, and Information Technology, Government of India.and Secretary, Information Technology Department, Government of Rajasthan. Preparing for IIT-JEE, Sovesh has also shared SHOZU app’s advantages with Kota District Collector, Mr. Gaurav Goyal. He also appreciated the idea.

App is fully functional and he is trying to get it integrated by government then release to operational for public. Talented Sovesh said that he wants to do innovative research for solving problems of society. He has many national and international awards to his credit. He has won awards at Indian National Congress.

He has also received Child Scientist award from the former President of India, Mr. Pranav Mukherjee. Advantages of SHOZU app: It can be downloaded from Google Play Store On clicking ‘Help’ button on the app, location of the informer will get traced and sent to nearby hospital and police station automatically After clicking the help button, informers are not required to stay at the accident location. They will not be interrogated.

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