Students invent ‘smart trash collector’

students invent ‘smart trash collector’ will eliminate need to search dustbins

While it is common for people to walk around looking for dustbins to dispose of trash, mobile waste bins will now be seen moving along designated tracks to detect and collect garbage. Students of the Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) here have invented a ‘smart trash collector’ to eliminate the need to search for dustbins at public places.

“It is a track-following dustbin which follows a particular track to collect waste,” said Mayank, a student from the department of computer skills. This prototype of the ‘smart dustbin’ has been developed by students of the first semester who are now working towards adding more features like a built-in camera, a mechanical hand/holder, and additional sensors. The students said that they have invented the automatic dustbin in view of smart cities being developed in the country, with Jaipur being one of them.”The smart trash collector can be used at places like hospitals, schools, and public places,” the University’s principal Dr. Anurag said.

(Text Source: IndiaToday)

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