कभी हमेशा बीमार रहने वाली दिल्ली से मुंबई तक दौड़ गई

Sumedha Mahajan - endurance runner


I hail from Amritsar, Punjab. I was introduced to sports very early in life, thanks to my father Dr Vishav. It helped me overcome my physical and emotional problems associated with my asthmatic condition. While I was passionate about tennis, my mother, Dr Kamlesh ensured that I had enough time for studies, debate, music and other co-curricular activities as well. I was blessed being the second born with an older and younger sibling who made for a perfect support system and tennis partners. An economics graduate and MBA, I have lived and worked in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi and now Mumbai.

Work, life & running

I am a Limca Book of Record holder, an entrepreneur (own my firm – Karta Business Consulting), motivational speaker and a published author. In between managing my own enterprise, being a dutiful wife, daughter and sister I run at night after my duties are over. I try to run 4/5 days a week and cross train twice or thrice a week.

About Miles to Run Before I Sleep

Miles to Run before I sleep is my first book. I started writing in May 2012 and by December 2012, I was ready to test the waters. On January 1,  2013 I took my book to agent , who liked what I had written and approached several publishing houses. But the response was not good. Around 14 publishing houses including some big ones, rejected me saying that the story has no masala, not a genre that sells in India, lacks controversies.

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