उत्तराखंड के टीचर सरोज; बच्चों को आसानी से पढ़ा सकें इसलिए कक्षा में बना दिया दुनिया का नक्शा

Teacher Saroj of Uttarakhand; To make it easy for children to read, so the world map was made in the classroom

Uttarakhand authorities instructor RD Saroj made a map of the entire world in the school itself to improve the geography of children, so that children may be simply taught without books. Saroj teaches at Gananath Inter College in Taluka space of ​​Almora. Saroj says – Almora has inhabitants of around 38 thousand, however, the quantity of academics in the faculties of the mountain area could be very much less. Above all, dad and mom have nearly stopped sending children to authorities’ faculties. The coronavirus faculty was additionally closed for a very long time, however, when on-line lessons began, books had been a hindrance in research. Because most of the children didn’t have books, those that had them had been discovering it very troublesome to clarify.

In this example, an thought was made that why not in the class itself, a map of the world may be made. After that, in the class, he made many photos together with maps of main international locations, photovoltaic systems, mountain-plateau. With the assist of maps and drawings, books are now not wanted to educate children and children additionally study rapidly. Locals say that almost all dad and mom are glad to see the onerous work and dedication of Teacher Saroj. Teacher RD Saroj mentioned that he took about 1 month to make the map. He wouldn’t go dwelling after being discharged from faculty and used to make these maps for hours. He additionally spent for it himself. At the similar time, now greater than 200 college students of Gananath Inter College examine Geography by way of these maps.

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