खुद के खेलने की उम्र, लेकिन दुनिया को खिला रहे गेम्स

The 16 year old game developer from Kota

A 16 year old game developer from the education hub of India (Kota) where half a million students go every year to conquer there dreams to become an Engineer and Doctor. But this boy is doing something else in the town which is often regarded for its Humongous Results.

He came in contact to computers when he was a second standard Student. He used to play Games and do the same things a kid of his age does. But a day in his late 13’s came when he questioned himself “How games are made ?”. It was really confusing to figure out the answer at that age. But that Question changed his life turning him to become the Founder of Robotux Studio – A Game & Software Development Startup.

Having the Complex Question in his head he started searching out for the answer. Finally he had the answers and wanted to become a Game Developer but he didn’t had resources, his parents denied when he asked them to send him to special Computer Classes where he could learn to Code.

He figured out Google as a place with a lot of free resources. He used them to learn and it took him 6 months when he can code. He got his first project when he was in Class 8 and this continued before he founded his own Game & Software Development Company where he used to take projects from locals and freelancing sites and used to deliver them at a lesser time and cheaper rates. He was later offered a 42 – Game project from a Spanish Casino.

He was going good before he went to Kota after his class 10th because the society wanted to see him as an Engineer or Doctor because of his excellent results. He tried convincing everybody to let him do what he’s doing but it was ignored with a statement “It is Useless if you don’t make to the IIT’s”. Currently he’s in his 12th Standard continuing both his studies and work. But on asked, he mentioned that somewhere he’s more committed to his works rather than his studies.

Completed over 40 projects in last 2 years. He is going really good. He also came out with his own games ‘Dark Bow’ & ‘Dodge It!’ which are available on Play Store. He was also a part of ‘Real Notepad’ app which made it to the 34th Rank on the TOP PAID APPS on Play Store.

He also visited Hackfest IIT-ISM this April. On asked, he told us that he is also working on an Education Based Platform & on a Real-Estate Renovation Business which will surely hit the market this year.

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