The Best Android Apps (July 2019) | Digital Trends

The Best Android / ios Apps (July 2019) | Digital Trends


Crossgrams is a new kind of word puzzle which mixes anagrams with crosswords (and has a pinch of Sudoku). It’s simple, challenging, and extremely addictive. To unscramble each puzzle, just drag letters left and right (never up or down), but watch out: it’s not as easy as it seems! Each letter you solve and pin in place is a new clue for the surrounding words. Puzzles range from bite-sized fun to brain-busters you can spend a whole afternoon chipping away at, just like a weekend crossword puzzle.

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iChamp Practice App 

India’s first Multiplayer Live Practise Platform for Mathematics Class 1 to 8 and English Class 1 to 4. For students of CBSE and ICSE and state boards. The app provides students with curriculum based modules for a practice centred learning approach.iChamp is a FREE Maths and English Testing App with fun and game features. It lets a child take unlimited short duration tests across various topics of CBSE and ICSE curriculum. iChamp has topics mapped to each class based on the ideal learning pattern that a child should follow, making it relevant for students across CBSE, ICSE and other State Boards. iChamp testing app, through constant Maths and English practice, makes learning and understanding fun and easy for the kids. It enables a student to test and benchmark against his/her peer group across the country through class specific Leaderboards based on the number of tests and Points scored by the child.

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With the new version of Blur for Android, your saved accounts can auto-fill when visiting websites in your Chrome browser, AND when logging in to other Android Apps. No more switching apps or copying and pasting, just tap and go!
Better than a password manager: Blur secures ALL the personal
information you put online – making it fast and easy to login and
checkout from your browser, phone or tablet.
PC Magazine – Editor’s Choice – “There’s nothing else quite like it. If you’re concerned about online privacy, give Blur a try.”

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