कछुआ और गोरैया के संरक्षण का अभियान

The hero does a wonderful job of protecting the extinct birds and turtles

Ravindra Sahu was the Olive Ridley tortoise. He explained to his villagers about the conservation of turtles and turtle eggs. At first there were 3,000 turtles on the seashore, but now there are about one and a half thousand turtles on the coast in their efforts. He also works to save more animals. One day, the photographer Lingaraj Panda lacks the sparrows while taking pictures. He informed the friend Rabindra Sahoo that he took initiative to collect turtles as well as birds. Banglahunt Desk: Rabindra Sahu, Odisha, has begun the task of rearing sparrow from the village. Photographer friend Lingaraj Panda lacks the pictures of birds. After coming to know about the matter, he came forward to save the birds. Starting at 9am today, there are about 3 sparrows in their conservation.

At first he started placing rice and grains on the roofs of several houses in the area. But because of the densely populated house, there is less arrival of sparrows. As the concrete houses are high, the habitat of the sparrows starts to decrease. Apart from this, there is a lack of habitat for birds in the field, such as indiscriminate use of pesticides and cutting down trees. Slowly he began to look for new places to live.

As soon as he found a new place, Ravindra Sahu, along with his friends, started putting rice and grain there. Initially, only 3 sparrows were actually gradually collected in their collection. They are collecting these sparrows in five districts. They then made more than two thousand artificial nests for the birds in plywood, bamboo and coconut materials.Regarding this great success, he said, ‘At first I did not know the details about bird conservation. Initially, I used to spend a little money to buy earthen pots, put grains on them and put them on the roofs of different houses. With the help of them, I would visit the houses again in the afternoon. Thus, one day I saw two sparrows there, and the eggs hatched. Since then, I have been more motivated in my work and have been helping people. ‘

(Text Source: Latestly Hunt)

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