New Apps

The new apps now generally available for Android

Typewise Keyboard 

Current keyboards are based on the 140-year-old mechanical typewriter layout. Typewise is different. It’s the first keyboard that is specifically designed for smartphones. It’s revolutionary yet easy to use, and after a couple of messages, you’ll love it.
A recent study with 37,000 participants showed that on current keyboards 1 out of 5 words contains typos. With Typewise you finally get rid of these ARRGGHH-moments. Thanks to the hexagon layout, keys are 70% larger and much easier to hit. This reduces typos by 80%.

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Activity Bubbles

Activity Bubbles helps you discover what your phone usage looks like in a day. Each unlock creates a new bubble. The longer you stay on your phone the bigger the bubble grows. Activity Bubbles is part of Digital Wellbeing Experiments, a platform to share ideas and tools that help people find a better balance with technology.

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Steno notes

The traditional art of note-taking and writing brought on your phone through a clean and clutter-free design to eliminate every distraction. Your creativity will do the rest. Steno is a lightweight note-taking and writing app centered around minimalism to avoid all the unnecessary and distracting stuff.

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