तीन एप्स जो हैं सोशल डिस्टेंसिंग में मददगार

These 3 apps will help you maintain social distancing

1point5 App

1point5 helps you to maintain social distance. Use this app to alert you when other app users are too close so you can move, and maintain social distance from them.
Use this app for teams at home or at work. Everyone’s device must have the app downloaded and the app must be turned on for detection to work. Detection will run unless paused. While paused, the app will not detect other devices or be able to be detected. You can create “Teams” of safe people and mute alerts from them, if you need to stay close but want notifications from non-team members.

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Sodar uses WebXR to help visualize social distancing guidelines in your environment. Using Sodar on supported mobile devices creates an augmented reality two-meter radius ring around you.

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DROR, World’s first community based personal safety assistance and Social Distancing app that focuses on Social Distancing to fight COVID-19 and other health emergency services. DROR as an organization believes in serving the community by empowering them to live a safe, crime-free, and healthy life. Our mission is to empower women and the weaker section of the society by keeping their safety in priority. Therefore, our features revolve around leveraging technology and community insights to create a safe and trust-able community. With DROR, our users have the facility to get access to various safety emergency services in just one click and feel safe 24/7.

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