ये हैं लेडी सिंघम

These Lady Singhams teach girls how to defend them when in trouble

Monica, Preeti Rani, Sanju, and Girija … These four constables of Rajasthan Police are nicknamed Lady Singham because they are giving training to school girls in self-defence.This is the first requirement for girls in today’s era because these days even the two or four-year-old girls are not safe.All four have trained about 2500 girls till date. Constable Preeti explained that Additional Director General of Police and Director of Rajasthan Police Academy want the children to obtain training in self-defence so that they could fight against and oppose sexual harassment and atrocities against the girl child.The responsibility was entrusted to these four lady constables.

Week-long camps are organised in schools

They give the self-defence tips to school girls for seven days in a training camp. Every month a seven-day camp is organised in a school.In the year 2014, these female cops themselves received self-defence training.After this, according to the directions of their senior officials, they are providing training at government and private schools of the district.They say that girls can go to school without fear, protect themselves when in trouble and, even when the girl is out of the house, parents need not to worry about her safety.During training, girls are told how they can defend themselves with their fingernails, teeth and even hairpin.Apart from this, they are also taught punch, block, attack, kick fight, etc. The cops said that girls participate in training very enthusiastically.

(Text Source:DB POST)