कभी फुटपाथ पर किताबें बेचीं, अब यूएस में बिजनेस की पढ़ाई

this inspirational story of mumbai street kid studying in texas

India is by and large a poor country and there are millions struggling to survive. Kids are forced to beg, to fend for themselves. You see them all around you, you cross them at traffic signals, but rarely spare a thought.

This is a story of one such street kid, Salman Sayyed, who was born and brought up on the streets of Mumbai collecting garbage all through his childhood days.  His mother used to collect garbage from the streets to make ends meet. Salman also joined her after dropping out from school. Later, in order to support his family he started selling books at the traffic signal. This traffic signal proved to be turning point in his life. Due to the constant efforts of Akanksha Foundation and Caroline didi (his angel), he was lucky enough to join school once again at the age of 12.

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