Source: Times of India (29-Dec-2018)

This man just became the first to cross Antarctica on a solo trek

Colin Timothy O’Brady  is an American professional endurance athlete and mountain climber.In 2018, O’Brady completed a solo crossing of parts of Antarctica (excluding the continental ice shelves).O’Brady claims it was the first unaided, unsupported solo crossing of Antarctica coast to coast.This claim is widely disputed by polar explorers and experts for two reasons: he was aided by travelling on the McMurdo-South Pole Highway, a flattened trail made by tractors; and he did not travel from coast to coast but excluded the ice shelves.The critique of the claim comes from polar authorities like Eric Phillips, Damien Gildea, Explorersweb and Børge Ousland. The first solo crossing of Antarctica, from sea to sea, was made by Børge Ousland in 1996–97.

O’Brady is a two-time world record holder for the Explorers Grand Slam (Last Degree) and Seven Summits speed records.He became the fastest person to complete the adventurers challenges in 139 days and 131 days respectively. He is a former professional triathlete and represented the United States on the ITU Triathlon World Cup circuit, racing in 25 countries on six continents from 2009–2015.

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