दृष्टिबाधितों को दिखाई तकनीक की राह

This Visually Impaired Man Is Trying To Make Technology Accessible To The Differently-Abled


A software tester at an IT company in Bangalore, Shankar Chandrasekhar lives independently and enjoys exploring technology and gadgets. He often spends his weekends visiting electronic stores to explore and share his experiences with his groupmates. Shankar sounds like any other professional working at a job he loves. However, he is an inspiration for many. A visually impaired 29-year-old man, Shankar also has limited arm movements.

Shankar’s first job was with an NGO in Bangalore called Cheshire Disability Center Manipal Hospital. This was when he realised the need for workplace solutions in banking and other sectors for the visually impaired and started teaching computers to the differently-abled.  In 2015, he attended an event to teach Braille to the visually impaired. This was when he met another person called Sharath, who helped him get a job in the software industry. From there on, Shankar never looked back.

The Logical Indian commends the initiatives taken by Shankar Chandrasekhar toward the well-being of the visually impaired. We strongly urge the community, government and businesses to ensure that disabled people are provided with inclusive opportunities so that they can efficiently and productively contribute to the economy.


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