समुद्र तटों को साफ़ करने का मिशन

This young boy took up the 'Beach Please' initiative and made Dadar beach waste-free

For Malhar Kalambe, Dadar beach has been a refreshing getaway since his childhood days, given the fact that he was born and brought up in the area. Hence, it was extremely difficult for him to see piles of garbage and debris defacing the shores over the years.

Realising his responsibility as a citizen to keep his surroundings clean, Kalambe took up the ‘Beach Please’ initiative to clean up the beach along with some enthusiastic citizens. The process, which started off as a weekend activity and slowly became a movement, has finally brought him accolades in the form of the V Award India given by United Nations (UN), which he recently bagged.

An initiative of the UN Volunteers India, the V Award aims at celebrating youngsters who are trying to make the world a better place. Kalambe, an aspiring chartered accountant, is one of the 10 candidates from across the country to receive the award. Continuing the movement by conducting one activity every weekend, Kalambe has now started approaching corporates, though he still feels college students are more enthusiastic about the work.

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