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Smart Calender App-Timepage

Timepage is a revolutionary smart calendar that is effortless to use. It makes every day more productive by combining your events, maps, contacts and weather into one easy app.

Beautiful Design:

  • Uncluttered, stunning design that let’s you see a whole week at a glance and scroll into the future to see what’s next.
  • Fully adjustable week calendar to show between five and ten days.
  • An intuitive month heatmap that instantly shows when you are busy and free.
  • Personalise your calendar with authentic Moleskine themes colors.
  • Apple Watch app with weather, useful travel time complications and glance.

Plan Your Day:

  • See beautifully animated temperature and rainfall forecasts for the day so you know what to wear and how to get around.
  • Never be late again! Timepage automatically gives you travel time estimates to walk, cycle, drive or catch public transport to your events.
  • Timepage will give you helpful hints like “2 hours free after this event then Gym at 6pm”.
  • Widgets for weather and events so essential info is always a swipe away.

It Just Works:

  • The easiest event creation of any calendar app, just type something like “Coffee with George at Monks” and let Timepage take care of the details.
  • Works with any calendar already on your iPhone like iCloud, Google, Outlook, Exchange, Facebook, Yahoo and CalDAV.
  • Fast background sync so your events are always up to date when you edit events on the web, your computer or iPad.
  • Search for events using Spotlight on your iPhone.
  • Advanced calendar features you need like repeating events, reminders, calendar colours, app icon badge customisation, 24 hour time and more.

Download Timepage and make today more productive.

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