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Tom Kiran Davis : An organic farmer from Thumboor

Tom Kiran Davis, a post-graduate in Economics is a person who initiated the conversion of more than 200 acres of fallow land into paddy fields. Tom, the son of Davis and Kusum at Thumpur Kongoth House, was a two-time member of the university volleyball team. But Tom, who studied economics, had some plans in mind and its benefits are now available to all locals. Tom, a member of a farming family, always had a farmer in mind. Still, childhood farming memories create a wave of nostalgia says Tom. Initially, friends and relatives discouraged him, when he decided to quit his job and go into farming. Tom Kiran, a good volleyball player, approached agriculture with the spirit of a sportsman. He began farming working with the laborers to clean up the 2 km long canal that runs through the Vazhukilichira paddy field. It took a month and a half to clean the canal. He started farming 1.5 acres of his own land and persuaded other farmers to do the same. The fields were leased and collective farming continued. Velukkara Panchayat, Krishi Bhavan, and Athani Men’s Self Help Group stood by Tom. Kuruva, Rakthasali, and Mattathriveni were among the rice varieties that have been cultivated.

Maximum farming equipments are also used while farming says, Tom. 15 acres had been converted to 100% Organic. The rice cultivated in the above 15acres is sold directly without intermediaries with the help of social media. The rest of the Rice is being supplied to Supplyco. In addition to rice, Tom cultivates turmeric, ginger, banana, rubber, and nutmeg. Tom cultivates spices in a very natural way, in the food forest he is created. They are all grown in a  diverse planting  way in an attempt to mimic the ecosystems and patterns found in nature. He is currently the secretary of the Kannukettichira-Vazhukkilichira Padashekhara Samithi and a member of the Rubber Production Society in Karur. Tom is happy that the products of the farmers of Velukkara, such as rice, nutmeg, pepper, turmeric, jackfruit, tapioca, mango, and tamarind, are now being sold through social media instead of middlemen. Tom also sells on Amazon under the brand name Pepenero. Tom’s wife, Blessy, is with him to help with his farming career. Tom received Rs 50,000 and a citation from Minister EP Jayarajan for his contributions to Agriculture.

(Text Source: krishijagran)

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