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Top 5 indigenous business house in India

Here we briefly describe the top 5 business house in india.

1. Tata Group (1868)

Jamshed Nasarwanji Tata, 29, started the trading company with a capital of 21000 in 1868. They bought an oil bankrupt banknote in Chinchpokli. It turned it into cotton mills.In 2 years it brought benefits After this, the expansion of Tata began. By the time of Independence, the Tata Group had become a multinational company.His four main goals were Hydroelectric Plant, Steel Plant, World Class Educational Institute and a big hotel. He turned his entire goal into reality.
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2. Dabur (1884)

Doctor Burman went to a small village near Kolkata for treatment. During the patient’s care, he cured many villagers from his Ayurvedic medicines. This led to belief in him in the minds of the people, which started spreading his medicines. He soon started to become famous even outside his locality. He started a small clinic in Bengal, which has now been transformed into the country’s fourth largest FMCG company. Today, the world produces Ayurvedic medicines.
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3. Godrej (1897)

Ardeshir Godrej used to advocate first. Only then did the plan to make a lock in his mind took birth. He left his advocacy and started the work of locking. Soon the locks created by them created trust in the minds of the people, and seeing them, they started making the world’s strongest and safe shelves and other safety equipment. After this he started production of vegetable oil from soap to vegetable oil. Then they became a global brand.
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4. Nilgiris (1905)

Muthusamy Mudaliar, a young and enterprising man from Coimbatore had heard a lot about him. As a mail runner for the British in colonial India, he would carry letters and cheques from Coimbatore to the hill stations of Ooty and Coonoor. But he would be flooded with requests to carry Dairy products back. One day he decided to buy out the business of the Englishman. Thus in 1905 was born ‘The Nilgiris Dairy Farm Limited.’
In 1936, he moved his shop to its iconic location at Brigade Road, Bangalore. The fresh Dairy products, breads and cakes became the talk of the town. Soon, Mudarliar opened many more in Erode, Coimbatore and Chennai. And the rest as they say is history.
Today there are over 150 stores in cities and towns to the east of the Nilgiris Hills. Perfected for over 100 years, the exclusive range of over 400 Dairy, bakery and food products is crafted with much love and care to delight every home – just as it was 100 years ago.
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5. Rooh Afza (1907)

Hakim Abdul Majeed of Delhi, along with many herbs, vegetables, flowers and fruits, prepared a syrup that reached home in the name of Rooh Afafa. This product was very cool in the summer. Later, when this company started making products of several Greek medicines, its name was Hamdard. Later, the company spread its business to Pakistan and Bangladesh. After the partition, the partner and son of Hakim Majid went to Pakistan, then he also opened a company with the same name there.
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Being an Indian, we should be proud of them as they have created a new thought by which people get employment and make their lives easier.

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