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Top Resume Builder Sites to Create Your Resume Online


CV.ME is designed to make life easy for me.

Everyday my inbox is flooded CV attachments. These CV’s come in all shapes and sizes. It’s a struggle for me to find even basic information in this flood of CV’s. I have to eyeball your entire CV to even find tiny bits of information – like your phone number. With CV.ME I don’t have to deal with messy email attachments. And best of all, I know exactly where to look for for a particular information. CV.ME also makes it easy for me to index and search through CV’s. So now my team and I can find you faster.

CV.ME is a simple online CV maker. Just type in the relevant boxes and hit save. You get a small link that you can share with me. Simple does not mean ‘limited’. You can fit anything in CV.ME that you would normally find in a CV typed up in any word processor. CV.ME is private. Your CV is only visible to those who you share it with. When you no longer want to share your CV, just regenerate a new link.

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Torre was founded by Alexander Torrenegra. In 2002, he co-founded and bootstrapped Voice123 (the first and largest global marketplace for voice-overs with over 200,000 voice actors and 100,000 buyers). He did the same for Bunny Inc. in 2011 (an acclaimed outsourcing solution for writing, voice recordings, and translations). With $40+ million in accumulated revenue, both companies are growing steadily. He has invested in 20+ tech companies so far. In 2017, he joined Shark Tank Colombia as an investor.

To accomplish Torre’s mission, making work fulfilling for all, Alexander decided to bring on board some of the most talented and experienced professionals he has ever worked with.

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Ever want to beat Microsoft Word into submission? Stop struggling. In less than 5 minutes you will have a beautiful, pdf formatted resume automatically created for you! Simply complete the form below to get started.
Your resume is your first impression. Did you know 98% of hiring managers decide if you’ll get an interview within 8 seconds of reading your resume? Don’t screw it up! Get a professional resume generated in minutes

Why should I use this?

  • Stop wrestling with Microsoft Word
  • Save Time and Avoid Hassle
  • Screening Software Optimized
  • Emailed to you within minutes
  • Export your resume as a PDF file
  • It’s FREE! No credit card required

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