A True Friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success! (“सच्चे दोस्तों को कैसे पहचाने”)


  • Honest communication is a basic foundation in a friendship. If you and your friend can’t talk to each other freely then you are set up for a difficult and possibly doomed relationship.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to be a good friend. The best gifts are often handmade and come from the heart. A phone call can mean as much as a visit.
  • Enjoy one another’s company. It’s not all about bleeding hearts and advice to the lovelorn – or at least, it shouldn’t be. Be sure to have fun together and do spontaneous activities now and then. Be a positive force in your friend’s life.
  • A friend who is only available at school or work is still a friend. Be very glad for that special kind of friendship associated with the place where you share time together.
  • If your friend makes a promise and doesn’t keep it then don’t do the same to them or you will keep repeating the pattern.

  • Don’t set too many expectations and rules. Allow your friendship to evolve and change naturally.
  • Accept your friend’s decisions, you may not completely agree on them but letting them know you’re there for them is enough.
  • Don’t try to be the same as your friend – differences are what make great friends. Plus, it can get irritating. Embrace your differences and be proud of them! Do make sure not to be so different that your friendship breaks.
  • Tell your friend how much you appreciate their company or how they were with you when you needed them. It will brighten up their day and affirm your friendship.
  • Tease friends about something they’re proud of. The better you know your friend, the easier it is to find the things they’re sensitive about and use teasing to pick them up instead of tearing them down.
  • Be there for your friend during hard times
  • Don’t worry so much about losing your friend, but appreciate the times that you have had with them and the ones are still going to have!
  • Always at least try to help; if you can’t then keep trying! Friends always like it when you try to help even if it’s nearly impossible.
  • Root for your friend! Congratulate him or her on something good, and mean it! If you are envious, swallow it for the sake of being a good friend. A true friend is there in bad times, holding you up, but also rooting for you during good times.

  • If your friend doesn’t want to forgive you, tell her the truth about why you did something, and whether it was a mistake or not.
  • If you make a mistake unknowingly and your friend is not talking to you then ask sorry. Don’t think that he/she is wrong, be first to say sorry.
  • Be honest when he or she is mad and do your best.
  • Always include your friend, or it will make them upset if you don’t. They may ditch you to a hang out with different friend, or just tag along in the back.
  • If you’re trustworthy your friends will rely on you and you will get to know them more, and possibly become their best friend.

  • Always show your awareness of money spent on your behalf. Show your joyful willingness to give gas money, bring household goods if they host often, etc.
  • If your friend has another friend that you dislike, don’t be rude to your friend’s friend. Even if you don’t think your friend will find out, it’s quite possible your friend will hear about it.
  • Listen to each other and keep secrets.
  • Take your friend for a ride on your bicycle every morning or evening.

  • If something is bothering you, talk to your friend. Communication is key.
  • Always support each other through hard times.
  • Don’t be jealous, if they are doing good. Be proud of them.
  • Make them laugh when they’re feeling down.


  1. No one likes an insulting friend, so be careful when you tease them! If your friend asks you to stop, heed the request and stop right away. Otherwise you will end up with no one.
  2. Don’t expect instant or life-long friendship; realize that, if it is to be something special, it may develop quite gradually.
  3. If your friend doesn’t treat you well while you treat them well, then there’s no reason to stay friends. Don’t stay close friends with anyone who doesn’t treat you well.
  4. If your friend is starting to make new friends, don’t turn jealous. No one likes a jealous friend. Have faith in your friendship. However, if your friend is ignoring you because of this friend, talk to them about it. They have no right to ditch their best friend.
  5. Don’t share your feelings when you know the person can’t be trusted because she/he might use it against you someday.
  6. When spending time with your friend, whether having a meal together or just hanging out, both of you should turn your cell phones off. It’s very off-putting to have a conversation constantly interrupted by a ringing phone. He or she may feel that you’re not paying attention to them or don’t value your time together.
  7. Don’t talk about things that may make your friend uncomfortable. Nobody wants to be around an uncomfortable person. For example, if your friend’s relative just passed away, don’t talk about something surrounding death. (Note: It’s OK to ask about her feelings about the death. Maybe she wants help surrounding the situation. It’s not good to just ignore it.)
  8. If a friend is friends with someone else that you don’t feel right about, talk to him/her about it. That could also save them from making a mistake, and you from a bad friendship!