155 आविष्कारों के जनक, मदद के लिए हमेशा तैयार

Uddhab Bharali, the man from Assam with 155 incredible inventions

Uddhab Bharali is an Indian inventor from the Lakhimpur district of Assam. Bharali is credited with about 118 innovations, starting from the late 1980s. Bharali was born on 7 April 1962 in the Lakhimpur district of Assam. His father was a businessman. He studied in the Government Higher Secondary School of North Lakhimpur. He was often punished to stand outside the classroom because of asking difficult questions to his mathematics teacher. He was awarded double promoted twice, first from Class I to III, and then again from Class VI to VIII. While he was studying in Class VIII, he was able to solve some of the toughest sums of Class XI and XII. He then went on to study Mechanical Engineering in Jorhat Engineering College, Institute of Engineers Madras Chapter in Chennai. However, he was only able to complete AMIE sec 1, due to the prevalent financial burden on his family.

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