Vallari Chandrakar who has done MTech now farming in the village

Vallari Chandrakar who has done MTech now farming in the village


This 27-year-old Chhattisgarh girl quit her well-paying engineering job to seek a future in farming. Having done her MTech in the field of Computer Science, Vallari Chandrakar landed a job as an assistant professor in the college. However, she quit her job and started farming on 27 acres of land. Now, the vegetables grown on the farm are ready to be exported to other countries like Dubai and Israel. Vallari, who quit her job in the State’s capital city Raipur to return to her village in Bagbahra district, believes that no job can be more important than farming. Though farming requires more hard work and dedication, the satisfaction one gets cannot be found anywhere else, she opines. Also, with the new technology in market, she believes that the occupation is not even as difficult as earlier.

The vegetables grown on Vallari’s farm are sold to multiple cities across India, like Indore, Nagpur, Bengaluru and Delhi. Vallari grows vegetables such as green chillies, bitter gourd and cucumber on her farmland. She has received an order for tomatoes and bottle gourd from Dubai and Israel this time, and the vegetables are ready to be harvested in 60-75 days.

Vallari learned new techniques in farming off the internet and picked up the local language as well to communicate with villagers effectively. She also conducts workshops on new agricultural techniques for farmers working on the land. The customers are impressed with the qualities of Vallari’s vegetables, and the market for her farm’s produce is expanding.


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