Source: Hindustan Times (14-Sept-2018)


Victim of spousal abuse, Bharatpur woman sets up own sewing centre


Suman Singh of Korer village, Bharatpur, was married in May 1995. But five years later, unable to bear her husband’s ill-treatment, she walked out of his house.

She constructed a hall where 35 women work on sewing machines to complete orders from companies such as Big Bazaar and Fabindia. She earns around  50,000 a month and pays her employees in the range of 12,000 to 15,000. One of her employees, Kamlesh Devi, (36), works at Suman’s sewing centre with her husband Harpal Koli and earns 1,000 per day. Earlier, Kamlesh Devi used to be an NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act that guarantees 100 days of work) labourer.

After returning to her parents’ house, Suman sought loan from district industries office but her application was rejected. In 2013, Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation set up a sewing machine centre in her village and she was appointed a trainer for a meagre salary of 4,000 a month. Later, she got a loan of 1.5 lakh from the foundation for her own centre. Until last year, she had four machines but now she has grown her business after the new hall came up. Some of the women working at her centre come from Uttar Pradesh.

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