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Vyng App- Happy Video Ringtones for Android

Vyng App

Vyng Video Ringtones is an app you can use to set up thousands of videos as your ringtone. This way, each time someone calls you, your smartphone will play a video of your choosing in lieu of a typical ringtone.

From the main tab in Vyng Video Ringtones, you can take a look at all the most popular videos, among which you can usually find funny video clips and music videos. You can also use your own videos or search for whatever you want, like cats, dogs, or your favorite band.One of the coolest options offered by Vyng Video Ringtones is the ability to set up entire channels as your ringtone. This way, each time you receive a call, your smartphone will play a different video. That said, you’ll need to have an Internet connection in order to enable this feature.

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