What is the Role of Cabin Crew?

While interviewing for cabin crew one thing you need to have some prior knowledge about what the job is about as that’s the first thing that they will ask. Another important question that will be asked which needs a solid answer is, ‘why do you want this job?’

When we think about cabin crew, the first thing by which we are fascinated is the glamorous lifestyle. The job is quite the contrary; there is a lot of hard work that has to be put behind this. There are many cabin crew institutes in India, and cabin crew courses in India where one can get proper training programs for the same.

The cabin crew has to work hard to make sure that the passengers have a great flight and also handle everything efficiently in times of distress. So while interviewing for this profile, give the recruiter an idea that you are well aware of what you are signing up for, so that the person in front of you gets the idea that you are ready for the challenge.

Safety Comes First!

The most important thing that you must understand is the safety procedure. It is extremely vital for the cabin crew to be absolutely thorough with the safety measure on the flight. The cabin crew has to be well trained and must be efficient to help out the passengers during times of distress.

The candidate must be well prepared to follow strict procedures during any kind of emergencies. The person must keep a calm and straight mind while handling any sort of emergency. Not just the situation, but cabin crew needs to uphold the morale of the passengers and make sure that they don’t go into a state of panic. Sometimes, the passengers onboard may panic and start disrupting a condition that can be brought under control, at such times it’s the cabin crew’s responsibility to calm them down without being rude or disrespectful.

Cabin crew must be ready to absorb orders and commands from their supervisors while on the flight. You must keep in mind that along with these tasks, tasks like keeping the airplane clean and tidy, making sure that the plane is well equipped is also something that the cabin crew has to take care of.

You must keep in mind that the rules and regulations that the cabin crew has to follow may differ from airline to airline. It’s crucial that you understand their specific needs.

Must be available at all times

Even if it’s your time off, you are affiliated with the airlines and hence you must be available to answer all the queries that come your way. When you are on the flight you must make sure that you cater to all the needs of the passengers. You must be able to empathize with the passengers and listen to them carefully without being disrespectful.

So, keep in mind all these before going for the interview so that you are well aware of what you are getting into and it will also give the interviewer the idea that you have done your homework well.

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