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Women learn self-defence techniques from Ex-Army personnel in Gwalior

Many women in Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh are learning various self-defense techniques like using sticks and batons, handheld catapults, archery, and rifle shooting from ex-Army personnel. The training is being imparted by the Sainya Matri Shakti, an organization aligned with the Purva Sainik Seva Parishad (PSSP), which looks after the interests of retired defence services personnel. Earlier, only aspirants to the Indian Army were given the training. But now the civilians are also showing eagerness for such training. “Earlier, we only used to have women who were willing to go to the army …but now, from the past one year, we have included civilian women as well so that they can also do the training and contribute to the society. In this, we give complete army training…keeping them organised…disciplined…the army drills and all…and side by side, we also make them learn rifle shooting, archery, using handheld catapults, self-defense with sticks, using the knife for self-defense… and many other techniques are taught to them for self-defense,” said Major (Dr.) Asha Mathur, Secretary of the Sainya Matri Shakti organization. Mathur added that medical check-ups are also done whenever required to ensure good health of the women coming for the training. One of the trainees, Meenakshi Mathur, said the self-defense techniques turn women more confident than they generally are. “I have learned archery, self-defense with sticks, and rifle shooting here…and I learned them because I strongly feel that by learning such an art, one develops a lot of self-confidence. At a young age, I have done rifle-shooting as well. I have always felt that by learning all these things, I have developed a lot of self-confidence,” said Mathur. Women of all age groups are participating in the self-defense training.

(Text Source:Oneindia)

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