General Knowledge Quiz – 20 (Based on Pattern Asked in KBC)

Q.1 In ‘Sholay’, whom did Gabbar ask “Kitna inaam rakhi hai sarkaar hum par” ?

Q.2 Which asura met his end when he was tricked into placing his own hand on his head and was burnt?

Q.3 Which of these states has the longest international border?

Q.4 The surface of which of these planets is not solid?

Q.5 Which of these cartoon is known by his distinctive white mustache and red turban?

Q.6 Asian and African are the two species of which of these animals?

Q.7 If three sides of a square are 60cm each, how many centimeters will the fourth side be?

Q.8 Which of these seeds can be classified as Tilhan?

Q.9 Which poem ends with the line, Mujhe todh lena banmali,us path par dena tum phek,matrabhumi par seesh charhake, jis path par javein veer anek?

Q.10 According to the Mahabharata, which of these alternative names did Krishna get after slaying a demon?