Young Gram Pradhan Sarvesh Kumar Jaiswal made his village High Tech

Young gram pradhan Sarvesh Kumar Jaiswal made his village high tech

Birdpur (Siddhartha Nagar) While on one side, rural youth want to get a good job in the big city after the education, there is also a young man who, after his studies, preferred to become a village head. About 30 km from Siddhartha Nagar headquarters Sarvesh Kumar Jaiswal (25 years) of Gauhania village, away from Birpur block, is also the most educated head of the district, along with the youngest GRAM PRADHAN of the district.

Sarvesh has begun to make his village panchayat a complete digital exercise. He has also created a website of his Gram Panchayat. Through this website, anyone can get complete information about the village panchayat from anywhere. Sarvesh explains, “Last month, in the capacity building program of principals organized by the Government of Panchayati Raj, there was an opportunity to learn new things. In view of that, to make a village for hi-tech and digital village, I now have the wifi, I am also wearing CCTV, Micro Speaker.

All the plans available on the website All the schemes of the government, the development of the village, the cleanliness program in the village and all the schemes of the village panchayat can be seen on the website. The village website has started, the rest of the work is going on for the earliest. At the same time, Sarvesh is also trying to make his village panchayat open in the open. He explains, “All the people in the tola Pipersan are now using toilets; the rest of the three groups will be free of open defecation from the earliest.” He further explains, “I am also the master trainer of Swachh Bharat Mission and I have determined that whatever effort will be made to free the entire district from this bad practice of going toilets in open, I will do it.” (Source: portal “”)